Night Tracks are proud to announce that we are releasing a brand new series of EPs by Kelle, Runamucker and Venture, of which all profits will go directly towards funding the opening of a brand new Black Sheep Studio & Art Gallery in Birmingham, UK. Black Sheep, like Night Tracks, stands for the celebration of the artist and their individuality. The idea for Black Sheep was born out of the necessity to make art more accessible for a wider audience. Initially starting up as pop-up events, online sales and craft markets, Black Sheep is now ready to expand into a full-grown arts hub in Birmingham. Black Sheep will open up opportunities for creative people. It will act as a platform for artists, enabling them to learn new skills, display and sell their work, teach and lead workshops, all while ensuring a welcoming home for all creative people - both new and established. We hope you join us in building this new platform that will help the next generation of artists to broadcast their message.

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